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Building H.I.S. Character


Youth Development Program

We believe that building good character in our youth is of the utmost importance.  Good character helps in all spheres of life.  Research shows that effective mentoring will more likely eliminate school drop outs, involvement in crime, and drug abuse.  Youth that are mentored are more likely to improve their academic performance, have better decision-making skills, self-confidence, and sense of belonging.  They also have better relationships with parents, teachers, and peers and are also more likely to attend and graduate from college.

If you're interested in enrolling your son into our youth program for 8th - 12th graders please complete and submit the intake form. Upon completing, your son will be placed on our waiting list. When a slot in the program becomes available, you will hear from us at that time.

Life Skills

Life skills group sessions include various topics, relevant scenario discussions, accountability standards, and exercises to give positive direction to our young men as they journey through one of the most critical periods of their lives.  They are given guidance while relating to one another, discovering they are not alone, but most importantly there is support on their journey in life.

Building character exercises are incorporated in their daily routines that will assist them with social skills, academic needs, and personal life skill  issues. 

We believe youth can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


One-on-One and group mentoring between caring devoted adults and  willing youth is offered.

In efforts to cultivate our youth’s passions and interest, we are providing job shadowing opportunities, scholarships for classes, workshops, and camps that will educate and expose them to their potential goals in life.

We also incorporate community service projects throughout the year instilling the importance of giving back to the community   Educational, cultural, and social trips are also taken to ensure our youth are exposed to a variety of possibilities life has to offer.

Our Mission


Educational sessions are focused on assisting our youth in achieving higher academic skills.  Grades are monitored throughout the school year, tutoring sessions and test taking skills are provided, and assistance with preparation for standardized testing and graduation exams. When necessary, we request mentor/teacher conferences to ensure our young men are obtaining the standards inside the classroom as well.

Graduates are rewarded with scholarships for successfully completing the program, with continued support as they continue their college experiences.

We Need Your Support Today!

Math and Reading

Level Up

Summer Program

Tutors, teachers, reading coaches, and educators spend 1 day a week during the summer making a difference! Volunteer for our  9 Week Summer Math & Reading Level Up Program. We are assisting students to LEVEL UP academically without the distraction and pressure of daily school and homework! This program is designed for students reading below grade level and/or enrolled in challenging math courses without the understanding of the basics. This free service is open to the community and surrounding areas  for students 1st - 12th grades.

Enrichment Scholarship Program

Each summer and throughout the year, R. Fathers M.A.D, Inc. provides financial assistance for youth to participate in various enrichment activities, camps, workshops, and other character building activities.  Providing an opportunity of positive exposure and knowledge gives our youth greater opportunity to be successful and productive.

Fathers Adopting 


This program is designed to assist families that are in financial crisis and provide other specific services and needs. 

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